RecyClass for products made of recycled plastic

RecyClass is a comprehensive, cross-industry initiative that promotes the recyclability of plastic packaging and, at the same time, the traceability of plastic waste and recycled plastic content in Europe. The entire programme is based on these three pillars: recyclability, recycling process and traceability of recycled plastics in products.

RecyClass certification in the area of recycling process is the recognition of plastic recycling processes for pre-consumer and post-consumer waste that are carried out at a site in accordance with the requirements of the Conformity Assessment System for Recycling Processes.

The certification enables recyclers to demonstrate their contribution to the waste management of plastics and to make the origin of the waste transparent. The certification of the recycling process also involves the verification of origin for the chain of custody of recycled plastics. Certified organisations create trust among all players in the plastics value chain in order to ultimately achieve a continuous increase in the use of recycled plastics.

The same applies to the traceability of recycled plastics in products. While at the end of the recycling process there is a traceable recyclate, traceability is essentially about the further path of the recyclate into a product made from at least 30% recycled plastic.

Certification process

The certification process ensures that certification activities are carried out under defined and controlled conditions.
The certification process can be roughly characterised as follows:

1. application
2. application assessment
3. evaluation
4. evaluation assessment
5. certification decision
6. certificate

Are you a manufacturer of products made of plastic or with plastic components and want to prove the use of recycled material to your customers? Then please contact us, we will be happy to check and label the content on the basis of the RecyClass specifications.

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