RecyClass for products made of recycled plastic

If the degree of recovery or recycling of plastics is considered from the point of view of sustainability, two factors are inevitably involved:

  1. The content of reprocessed and recycled plastic (recyclate) in a new product and the
  2. recyclability of a product, i. e. how easily and how completely a product can be converted into a new basic product at the end of its life.

Both factors are bundled in a new logo under the name RecyClass, which was launched in 2019 by a broad alliance of European institutions. Many of the “naming sponsors” were and are also partners of the now established EuCertPlast certification of plastics recyclers.

The overall objective of RecyClass is the creation of at least Europe-wide uniform specifications for a “Design for Recycling”. Only if products can be recycled properly is it possible to produce high-quality recyclates out of them and to replace the corresponding recycled material.

Are you a manufacturer of products made of plastic or with plastic components and want to prove the use of recycled material to your customers? Then please contact us, we will be happy to check and label the content on the basis of the RecyClass specifications.

Please also feel free to contact us with questions about the recyclability of plastic products. In a joint process, we will discuss with you the possibilities of designing products that are as recyclable as possible with reference to the RecyClass criteria. Afterwards, we will also be happy to support you in the final application to the responsible national certification authorities.

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