Product weighing

The essential basis for the participation of packaging in a system is its individual master data. This includes correct weights and details of the materials used on the one hand and correct categorisation of the packaging on the other, e.g. with regard to the type of packaging in terms of use and purpose, classification into product groups and much more.
Knowing the correct packaging master data is the basic tool for fulfilling the legal requirements of the Packaging Act. In addition, you create security in handling and billing with your system partner. In the meantime, it is becoming increasingly common for retailers to oblige their suppliers to have their packaging master data checked by independent and expert external service providers.

With a well-equipped weighing laboratory and qualified employees, we can carry out these tests professionally and properly. The advantages for you:

- Legal certainty through execution under the direction of a publicly appointed and sworn packaging expert
- Technically correct data through the use of calibrated scales that seamlessly cover a weighing range between 0.01 g and 1,500 kg
- Detailed documentation of the test procedures and/or
- Verification of the correct classification of the packaging based on the catalogue of packaging subject to compulsory participation of the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR)

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