Joint Venture ArGe Umweltkanzlei / SVB Widmayer

“Together we are strong!” This is an advertising slogan when companies announce their cooperation. This may sound a bit old-fashioned, but it is a short and concise way of explaining why Umweltkanzlei Dr. Rhein GmbH and Sachverständigenbüro Widmayer GmbH founded a joint venture in the summer of 2016.

The background is the increasing demands of the current market development and the changes in the legal regulations on product responsibility. This requires a broad range of services combined with a high degree of flexibility, sufficient resources and regional presence – also with auditing companies.
Both companies remain completely autonomous and independent, but can merge quickly and with minimal bureaucracy, e. g. for the following tasks:

Auditing of extensive volume flows, e. g. for dual systems
  • Testing of industry solutions and special cases such as waste disposal in garages
  • Sorting analyses input/output
  • Quality inspections with regard to compliance with specifications
  • Analyses to determine the proportion of composites in various fractions (composite analyses)
  • Determination of the proportion of non-packaging of the same material in recycling bins
  • Determination of the proportion of packaging in the collection of PPK and other types of material
  • Efficiency audits of processing plants
  • Audits of compliance with sorting contracts
  • Collections of packaging data
  • Distribution channel analyses
  • Determination of the packaging quantities relevant for a declaration of completeness

You finally decide whether you want to work with the ARGE or with only one of the two partner companies.

We know which way to go!

If you are looking for support in the area of product responsibility or have questions about it, if you expect a high level of expertise and professional competence, reliability and integrity, you are at just the right place with us.

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Sachverständigenbüro Widmayer GmbH